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As a third generation outdoorsman I started hunting at the young age of 5. My passion for hunting, fishing and being outdoors started while hunting with my father on our 160 acre farm. For me this was something I looked forward to all year and I couldn’t wait for my dad to shoot that big one. As a little kid getting to go with his father on the big hunts made me feel like I was headed in the right direction. I always felt like I was in the know as my father was teaching me how to hunt and understand safety. When I was 17 I harvested my first deer and from that point on I knew hunting was going to be more than a hobby, it was going to be my lifestyle. Getting my first deer which happened to be a buck made me feel like I did something special which made my dad proud of me. It was something he taught me and engraved in my mind. It was a passion for hunting that I want to forward on my son or daughter someday.

For 25 years after my father tought me these important lessons I’ve been on the pursuit to build a strong network of close friends who all share a similar trait. Hunting is in our veins. We share ideas about our hunts, we share ideas on the best locations to hunt and we’re all in it together for the purpose of better living. We know by sharing things we can all live happier, fuller lives. This is why my vision is to have an online common place where hunters and those who are passionate about hunting can come together and build a relationship. Out of all this came the idea to create

We’ve created to provides the opportunity for individuals to connect to one another, which includes buying, selling, leasing, or giving permission to prime hunting ground. Even though we’re located in the heartland of the United States, our focus is nationwide. With these same connections can assist anyone in getting the best connections for guided hunting or fishing. We have ads to guided hunts in various areas of the U.S. for those who want the experience of a lifetime. And do you have unused hunting accessories that are just sitting in your closet collecting dust but that you think someone else may find useful? Then you can sell them here, for FREE. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure and gives you and it’s members a chance to sell, buy, or trade their once prized possessions which they no longer use. If that isn’t enough, we also offer unique clothing and apparel specifically designed for the outdoor and camouflage enthusiasts. Check out our shop and take advantage of some great deals or sign up for our specials offers! I personally invite you to browse through and get dialed in for your next hunting experience.

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